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January 27, 2007

I put the buggy installed into the ATG on October 29, 2006.
I used a hand-held winch that I purchased for 2000JPY, a pair of steel boards with specially-made brackets installed, and a pair of chains to put the buggy on the truck.
Tying down the buggy, I went up north for ATG. The buggy on the back kept catching number of eyes on the way.

Upon arrival at the garage, a friend of mine and I put up on the wall my 1st buggy which is no longer in use and the other one, in order to secure a floor space to accommodate my new one.

At the end of the day, unexpectedly I got a chance to perform a first run of the buggy on the dirt track.
The impression I immediately had was "This provides me a comfortable drive experiences".
Although due to the fact that the overall weight became heavier than my 1st buggy, the behavior of the buggy was stable all the time of driving. Provided with the frame that I paid attention to obtain certain rigidity, I could feel and enjoy that the suspensions both at front and rear worked properly.

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