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April 22, 2007

One kart, for two functions

It is not an enjoyable job to take a heavy tool box, a set of replacement parts, beverages, and foods from the garage to the dirt track, at every time of need.
Thus, I made up a carrier kart for solution.
The kart was made primarily based on the welding fixture and a square gauges, with some minor modifications, that I used when the buggy was on the way of making.
I will make the buggy equipped with a hook in order to tow the kart.
The kart is also designed for rescuing purpose, in case of accident that the buggy becomes failed on its drive train and unable to run by itself.

Contrary to the buggy, I treated much of the "woody" taste.

May 3, 2007
Got kart into ATG, put it connected with buggy

I was not very motivated in driving on highways with the kart on the roof, but safely got there at ATG.

Upon arrival I put a hook on the buggy and got the kart connected.
A woody looking kart, in contrast with the buggy that gives a mechanical image.
The kart made all the job of carrying heavy stuff like tool box easier than ever.
I will place a special fixture in place on the kart in order to put a beach parasol at the center until summer of this year comes.

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