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January 14, 2008

Procurement of components

The weight of the frame is much heavier than that of my 1st buggy as I used an increased size of steel materials overall. The weight is now a negative element to consider.

I want to get my buggy some more power.
I thought replacing the carburetor would be one of possible solutions, and got one as below.

The left one. Carburetor from a Honda CRM250, 2-cycle off-road motorcycle.
The internal diameter is larger than of PD79 of XLR250R. External diameter of the opening at engine side is common.

Main jet #132, and slow jet #48. Much larger than #118 and #38 of PD79.

An used and worn SuperTrapp silencer. Still in usable condition upon some repairing work.


Assuming that the air cleaner unit taken from a Suzuki Jimmny (Samurai) 660cc and already installed has enough capacity, the next plans to do are:
(1) Jet optimization of fuel jets current (XLR250R) carburetor PD79
(2) Conversion of silencer to a SuperTrapp & tuning of number of discs
(3) Conversion of carburetor to a CRM250 & optimization of fuel jets

March 30, 2008
Conversion into a SuperTrapp silencer!

The SuperTrapp has come into place together with an exhaust pipe from XR250 (MD30).

The first thing I had to do was... to come to the garage at a distance more than 100km from my home.
I put the exhaust pipe onto engine, then put the silencer to determine its exact placement.
Cutting steel material into pieces, welding them together to create the bracket by using a welder that I brought from my home.

Completed. I painted the bracket with the paint with that I painted the frame.

The image of his rear view changed due to the silencer which is in a shorter length than the one before.
Test run will be performed at the next time.

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