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Painting - dismantling the all first

September 24, 2006

To get ready for painting, I took off all the components.

Painting anti-rust.
This is leftover of the one I painted my 1st buggy. I used it up when I finished painting the bottom surface of the frame, and ended up.

I went to a DIY shop to look for nice dark beige paint that I was imaging in my mind.
I wanted to order a can of paint with a tailored color offered at the DIY shop, but it was not in service due to some failure happened on the color mixing equipment and they said they had no idea when they would get it repaired.
I finally chose ivory one on the shelf.


The actual color that started appearing on the frame looks more like common ivory seen in and around homes rather than dark beige that I wanted...
I only hope that it would possibly become darker by getting dust and mud when it starts running on the dirt.

I chose mat black for front and rear suspension arms. The paint is leftover of that I used for my 1st buggy.


September 24, 2006

Upon finish of all painting work, I started assembling the components to the frame toward completion of the buggy.
For the assembling, the work to do is not only to put the components just in place, but also to adjust the relative positioning of rotative portions each other to make the rotation smooth, and to put a threading tap into nuts to remove paint that came inside.
Look, it started showing an image of its completion.

How much the ivory color looks different when the brightness around becomes different?
I took the three photos below in the late afternoon toward evening.

October 1, 2006

Engine, intake & exhaust piping, drive chain, rear suspension, and brake components in place.

October 9, 2006

All cables, steering links, front suspension, and pedals have come to place properly. All those needed some adjustment work thus it took longer time than expected.
The fuel deliverying line, filter, and seat belt are also in place.
Wiring also has become almost complete.
Now I think I am coming to the point to say "It is complete" if I spend only one more working day!

October 15, 2006

Completed finally!

See photos in this page.

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