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Adaptors for rear wheels

June 4, 2006

The wheels designed for rear of ATV that I got have holes for studs in PCD of 115mm.
Besides, PCD of some others are in 100mm or 110mm.
To flexibly accommodate the those three types, I am going to make the adaptors multi-PCD.
The adaptors come into a rear shaft designed for kart, through hubs for kart as well.

Material for the adaptors are pieces of steel plates in 142mm of diameter and in 6.8mm of thickness.
By using a template paper I got all the holes made.

Adaptors in work.
The two shown left are for rear wheels, and the rest are for brake rotor and driven sprocket.

Drive shaft assembly

June 11, 2006

Keys for karts are expensive. Then, I purchased keys in the size of width 8mm x height 7mm x length 300mm, 10 pieces.
I got the height of 7mm down to 4.5 to 5mm that I needed by a hand-held grinder.

Brake disc and driven sprocket.
Both are in place on the shaft through short hubs for karts and adaptors that I made.

A whole picture of the drive shaft assembly in work.

I put a drive chain that I used to use for my 1st buggy, and got the length adjusted.
I need to make a tensioner for the chain.

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