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Like it was when I built my 1st buggy, the place of build is just in front of an entrance of my home.
To mitigate possibility of flying properties unexpectedly coming into the perimeter of my neighbor, and to improve my working environment in advance, I made a couple of things.

Roll-up screen to block flying properties

I made a roll-up screen with non-flammable net and PVC pipes for plumbing.
The screen is to be rolled up usually when not in use. To roll it up, I only have to turn the handle and hold it with a latching mechanism.

Welding fixture for frame build

Materials used were mainly 2x4 wood bars and colored steel pipes.
The idea is that I put steel materials on the top of this fixture to build up the buggy frame by welding.
The lower shelf is designed to store parts being installed, but it is not only that.
The parts are also supposed to work as weight in order to keep the wood material away from deformation due to humidity effect, and to keep the top surface of the fixture flat all the time for proper building up of buggy frame.

Non-gas MIG welder & voltage transformer

The welder that I used through the work on my 1st buggy was a DC battery welder. It worked efficiently even for welding of thick materials, however with some unfavorable elements.
(1) Difficult to work on thin material, thickness 1.2mm or less in particular.
(2) Energy stored keeps decreasing, thus spark condition does not stay stable.
(3) Quickly becomes fully discharged, and it takes long time to get re-charged again.

I got a non-gas MIG welder which works under AC100V.
The first trial of welding did not demonstrate an efficient performance, and I thought it was because of 10m-long extension cable that I had to use to take the power out from an distribution board placed inside my home, and voltage drop. In this condition, I could not successfully weld materials even only in 1.6mm thickness.

I changed the way of taking the power out. The voltage I finally chose was AC200V. I took it outside and directly put into a transformer to obtain AC115V.
It worked and improved efficiency of the welder.
I however still see that the performance is not fully enough for material in 3mm thickness or more. A battery welder may have to be secured in parallel.

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