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October 23, 2005
How the things have become

I got all major large components such as the frame, suspension arms, and swing arm of rear suspension designed.
Design work is now at the end because the rest of the components remained such as pedals, control links, and gear lever will be only made at site by working on a try-and-error basis.
I will start building the components that I designed later soon.

Side and top views of my buggy when it will be completed.
Many small components are still missing, but the image will be like it.

Some instruction drawings, for me, to properly cut steel materials into size in correct angles, and how to get them assembled.

I carefully checked the movement trace of the front suspension arms and steering linkages when the suspension strokes.
The image does not show the caster angle as it actually looks like.

Front suspension arm, steering linkage, and swing arm of rear suspension.

An engine adapter specifically designed to get a Honda XLR250R engine installed on my buggy.
The concept is that an engine-specific adapter allows flexible selection of type of engine with no modification on buggy frame side.

Also some other miscellaneous components.

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