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Lessons learned from my 1st buggy build experience

My 1st buggy that I got completed in 2002 was an exciting machine and I enjoyed it.
A friend of mine and I had organized an experiencing drive event once per month and all the participants appreciated it.
However through some mechanical failures and roll-over accidents happened, it has become apparent that the buggy had some major problems, and to solve the problems I thought some major modification would be necessary.
In thinking of which - just stay with it while kept modified, or build a completely new one -, I reached a conclusion that I make a new one, with all the lessons learned incorporated.
Thus, I listed all the points that I thought need to put in place.

1. Serviceability, ease of component procurement

To enable easier and quicker repairing work in case of failure. To try not to make specially-designed parts.

(1) Parts originally designed for racing kart - Hubs for rear wheels, axle shaft in 40mm dia. for example
(2) Aluminum pedals originally used for motor cycles
(3) Steering shaft and boss designed for automotive

2. Overall structure as simple as possible

(1) Swinging arm rear suspension, rigid rear axle
(2) Front suspension only with A-shape lower arm
(3) Chain tensioning adjustment function integrated in thread of rod end supporting swinging rear suspension arm

3. Room for future customization

(1) Engine replaceable with something else
Make an engine-specified attachment for mounting on frame
Gear linkage with wires for flexible adjustment of engine mounting placement

(2) Accommodates chain and sprocket in various types and sizes
Driven sprocket fixed on an adapter place, then mounted on wheel hub originally designed for kart
Adapter plate accommodates sprockets in different types and sizes only by making additional holes or making a new one
Wheel hub placement adjustable in thrust direction

(3) Accommodates front and rear shocks in several different length and in different angles

4. Driver safety and stability

(1) Box-shape frame (with anti-roll cage), steel piping with increased section
(2) Lower gravity
(3) Wider wheel track
(4) Wider width of rear tires
(5) Gear lever placement closer to steering wheel, hand straps on steering wheel
(6) Racing seat designed for automotive
(7) Secured driving position
(8) Seat position adjustable

Those listed above are going to be implemented as much as possible.

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