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As I determined in the concept phase, I will use parts originally designed for motorcycles, automotive, and racing kart as much as possible.

A steering column from Subaru Impreza GC8. I will only use the shaft inside the jacket.
Steering boss is for Nissan.

Second-hand racing seat. I see some holes on the seating surface but it does not matter for my buggy.
A Schroth 4-point belt is also second-hand but looks still clean and intact.

Long and short rear hubs for kart.
Short ones are for fixation of brake and driven sprocket hubs.

Rod ends and bearings.

ATV tires (20 x 11 x 9) & aluminum wheels. Second hand.

Engine from Honda XLR250 which had been used for my 1st buggy.

A wireless camera and the receiver.
The camera with transmitter integrated is also equipped with a microphone, thus the sound can be transmitted as well as video.
As this works at DC9V battery, I am going to put in on board to record movie and the sound.
The format of output signal from the receiver is NTSC, and I will have to determine how this can be converted into digital for recording.

December 24, 2005

Fuel tank. It is from Yamaha Jog, an old model 50cc scooter having a fuel tank of 7L.

Rear shaft from kart. Diameter of 40mm, chosen hardest one in 3 options available.

January 8, 2006

A driven sprocket for Suzuki RM80, offroader, with the size of chain 428, number of teeth 48. I found it at a second-hand motorcycle part shop. This has not been used yet.
The number of teeth on my 1st buggy was 41, however I thought it would need to be higher because of the weight increase that may require lower gear ratio for appropriate acceralation performance.

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