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Improvement of Work Environment
09/08/2002 Updated

Work Bench Procurement

Work bench in process of making
Without having a relevant work bench, every kind of work such as cutting, bending, and welding of steel material is to be done on the ground, and it is not enjoyable but painful.
As this situation have made me exhausted, I wanted to improve it. Then I started to build a work bench which also works as a storage area for major power tools that I have for space reason.
At first, I made the frame with L-shape steel material and ...

Work bench being complete Work bench compele
2x4 wood poles were cut to length to create the top and second panels.
I painted the panels with creosote oil, and the steel material in white.

Power tools installed on top Power tools installed on top
I set my drilling machine, vise, and bench grinder on the top, and put an air compressor and battery DC welder underneath.
It is really nice that I can do all the work on or around this bench, without necessity of sitting on the ground.
The bench can easily be pulled out from the space between my car and a cabinet every time needed, and can be stored easily as well.

Installability of my buggy into my van

Every time I start and finish working of the day on my buggy, I have to pull it out and install it back into my van and it is physically a hard job.
Then, I made a couple of sliders as shown.
With the sliders, installability has been drastically improved more than I expected.
Particularly, at the installation, front tires come down the slope of the sliders automatically, rear tires are pulled into van automatically as well.
This idea really works.

... To be continued

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