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Power Tools
04/05/2001 Updated

Power tools are indispensable for some metal works, such as cutting, drilling, and welding. Here are some power tools I have, purchased, and made by my own.


I purchased this because I felt my hand-held drill sometimes does not work well because of the revolution that is too high and not adjustable.
The driller was only for 8,800Yen that I found during the ear-end promotion at a DIY shop.
It is quite small one and less powerful, however I hope it works enough and helps.

Air Compressor

Air compressor that I need to have
A 1.5HP air compressor which works under AC100V.
Right after I started using it, I was impressed with the wide range of use, not only when I work on my buggy but also work on my cars.
This is something that I had to have when I overhauled carburetor. I could blow some air into the slots, holes and everywhere desired, as well as on steel materials to get them cleaned after machining operation.
The price of 39,800Yen is not expensive but reasonable.

Band Saw

It is the band saw that I purchased. It was on a promotion at a DIY shop.


It's not a power tool, but I purchased the clamps at 100yen for each. It looked helpful for welding, and I was convinced later that it really helps.
I purchased 10 pieces of it.

DC Battery Welder

A DC battery welder system that I fabricated with 3 units of 38B20L(R) automotive batteries. During the welding work, I learned that only having 2 batteries is enough for most cases of steel material welding as far as the thickness of the material is up to 3mm.

... To be continued

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