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Garaging Life
12/29/2004 Updated

A garage that I have desired!

To secure a place for storage of my buggy and better access to the place for drive, I got a rental garage shared with a friend of mine. The garage is to accommodate my buggy and a Zerohan (stands for 50cc) car.
The location of the garage is just in front of Tsukuba Circuit, an international racing track.

I left home by a truck that I put my buggy on.
On the Shuto express way, I got number of eyes looking at this.
A photo taken at a Yoga parking area.

I stopped at the home of my friend, and put his Zerohan car that he has kept in his van for the last 4 years.
We left for the garage located in Chiyokawa village of Ibaraki prefecture.

Overview of the garage.
I placed the 2 buggies in series.
This garage is equipped with a shutter, electric power of AC100V, and shop air.
I expect that I can do some maintenance activity here in this place because of the availability of such equipment.

I worked on the two buggies right before the 1st experiencing drive, in an environment that I feel that the place is really a "racing village" where I see formula racing cars and racing cars converted from road-going vehicles and hear engine sounds coming from Tsukuba Circuit.
As some of the bolts and nuts have become loosened without notice, I re-tightened them.
Likewise, I charged air into the tires.

... To be continued.

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