Build a Fun 4-wheel Buggy on Your Own!


Displacement: 250cc

50cc engine could work, but probably not efficient enough for fun drive. More power would be desired for further driving pleasure.
Also, higher engine displacement is an advantageous factor to get over gaps on rough road.
Then, finally I decided to go with an 250cc engine because a friend of mine luckily offered me a Honda XLR250R which had been out of use for 7 years and no longer be able to come back on the road.

- Length 2,000mm or less
- Wheel Base 1,500mm or less
- Tred 1,000mm or less (Front & Rear)
The above dimensions are simply because of the restriction coming from my van that I had, Toyota Hiace, which had only the space that barely accommodates an object in the size mentioned.
In addition, notablly, those are the dimensions specified in the regulation of Zerohan car race, and I wanted to make my buggy having a larger engine but in the same dimensions as specified for Zerohan cars.


1 person (only the driver, no passenger).
It came from the space constraint of my van, otherwise.


For engine related components, genuine parts for Honda XLR250R are supposed to be used as much as possible in order to minimize the cost.
For the rest of major components, following parts are planned to purchase or expected to be given by somebody.
- Front & rear wheels: From 50cc scooter (10 inches of diameter)
- Driving seat: From racing kart
- Seat belt: From automotive (4-point type, already in my hand)
- Steering wheel: From automotive (MOMO, already in my hand)

Vehicle Frame, Suspension Arms, & Steering Linkages, etc.

All will be designed and built by my own with steel pipes and metal sheets. Original frame of XLR250R is supposed to cut into piece as an engine mounting structure.
Drive shafts and steering linkages are also to be built on my own as well as the complete frame work.
Bearings standardly offered in the market and rod ends will have to be purchased.

... To be continued

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