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Process of Build (Suspension)
04/04/2002 Updated

Welding Buck (fixture) for Suspension Arms

Since I thought I needed a certain buck for welding process of suspension arms, I prepared it in advance.
It looks somewhat poor but it is designed for universal both for front and rear, left and right arms.

Front Suspension Arms

Photos above are of upper arm of double wishbone suspension for front.

Lower arms were built as well.

As the suspension arms became complete, I wanted to put the things on the frame as shown in the photos below to try to see how things will be like.
Shocks are for Honda Monkey with pitch of hole to hole 280mm.

I made the front axles completed, and the whole front suspension system became almost completed.

Image of completed RH front suspension system.

Since it looked less enough strong, I put some additional patches at the corners and braces between materials of front suspension arms.

Rear Suspension Arms

I also started making rear suspension arms as well. Photos below are from the process of welding after cutting steel materials into length.
Welding buck I used is the common one used for front arms. Many thanks for the red 100yen clamps, it greatly helps.
Arms were completed as shown in the left photo.

Completed... however I decided to rework on them.
See below for the reason.

Rework on Rear Suspension Arms

Because propelling force from the rear tires should come to front section of the rear suspension arms (from left to right in the photo), I noticed that the current arm has one critical point that the bent portion next to the rod end insertion will certainly get broken easily as soon as the buggy starts running.
In fact, the arms look not enough to stiff against the force given by the tires going back and forth.
I did not notice at all the weakness of the arms when I was designing them. Then, I decided to rework on the front portion of them.

First, I fabricated the brackets and mounted it on the main frame.
For proper placement of them, I prepared a piece of metal plate with datum lines, and using this plate I put the brackets on frame, and welded.

Reworked rear arms are like as in the photos.
To deliver propelling force from rear tires to the main frame straightly, I made no bent portion on the arms, and made the angle of the arms with frame as small as possible.
The steel pipe I used for the arms was the same one (dia. 19.1mm, thickness 1.6mm) as used for the main frame and anti-roll bar.

... To be continued.

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