Build a Fun 4-wheel Buggy on Your Own!

Process of Build (Steering)
12/24/2001 Updated

Steering Shaft & the Supporting Structure

I put a steering boss, which was for an automotive that I did not know, onto a steel pipe to create the steering shaft.
I am going to install a MOMO real leather steering wheel, which was carried over from Eunos Roadstar (Mazda MX-5 Miata), although I feel it could be smaller than I expect.
While supporting the shaft by using welding buck as shown in the photo, I sat down on the seat many times until I determined the best position of the steering wheel and the angle of the shaft.

Once I found the best angle of the shaft, I started making the supporting structure, clamped it with welding buck as shown, and welded with the frame along with the center line of the frame.
That is all for today.

As the supporting structure become completed, I moved onto the next step, steering shaft.
I made a component (no idea what to call it) that controls tie rods at right and left, and welded them on the steering shaft.

Tie Rods

I made the tie rods for right and left, and had them connected to steering shaft. Upon completion of this process, all the steering mechanism was completed although I still had to make some minor adjustment of alignment later on.

At the end, to see how things will be like finally, I put wheels and tires on the completed front suspension.
With the size of 4.00-10, the tires look tougher than expected. It has become more like a buggy.

... To be continued.

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