Build a Fun 4-wheel Buggy on Your Own!

Process of Build (Power Train)
05/02/2002 Updated

The components listed below require certain level of dimensional preciseness I feel I cannot manage well at home.
(1) Brake Rotor Flange
(2) Driven Sprocket Flange
(3) Rear Wheel Hub
(4) Axle Shaft Tip
(5) Rear Axle

I made the 2D drawings of them and ordered the parts from some machine shops.
Following are some photos introducing the final iteration on the machined components.

Rear Wheel Hubs

Rear Wheel Hubs that were ordered from a machine shop.
I reworked on the hub by putting some holes to get the weight even slightly.

Drive Shaft

I made two drive shafts, shown in the mid of the left photo, by cutting steering shafts that were originally equipped on a small vehicle.
Universal joints, next to the drive shafts, were also for the same small vehicle. The joints provide connection with axle shaft and drive shaft.
shafts were then welded to the hubs for drive shaft assemblies.

Axle Shaft

Left one is an Axle Shaft, with two of shafttips welded that were cut from the other steering shafts.
I have put small hole at the center of each of those components in order to accommodate a spring pin for centering alignment before all the welding.
Universal joints, drive shafts, and hubs will be later assembled as shown in the photo.
The photo is for right side for example.

Provisional Assembling of Drive Train

Upon completion of those above mentioned components, I could not wait trying to assemble the power train. I wanted to see how things will be like when completed.
It was a bit pleasure as I could see it getting a buggy I have expected!

Provisional Engine Installation

In order to make the alignment of the driven sprocket and the driveshafts properly secured, I put the engine on the frame.
Engine will need to be put away when I paint the frame, and while being so I will also work out and install intake & exhaust piping, anti-roll bar supporting structure, gearshift linkages, and remote operation mechanisms connecting to the foot pedals.

Rear shaft assembly with brake rotor and driven gear installed coaxially.
Welding was carefully performed.

... To be continued.

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