Build a Fun 4-wheel Buggy on Your Own!

Process of Build (Operational Systems & Brake)
09/08/2002 Updated


Pedals for brake and clutch that I made.

Return spring and a stopper for throttle pedal that I got made.
I am still in work for seeking the good position of the clutch pedal and the controlling linkage. Cable for clutch operation is planned to be placed above the floor due to structural constraint, although I did not originally want to do so.

Clutch Operational System

By re-using the rod originally equipped on XLR for the rear brake control, I made an operational rod for the clutch. When I cut the rod into length, I made M6 thread for possible need of adjustment function.

Gear Shift

Gearshift lever placement and operational feeling, that I would say much contribute driving pleasure.
To minimize mechanical play around the lever in longitudinal direction, I used rod ends at the both ends.
To minimize the mechanical play in left-right direction, I made the lever pivot rigid as possible.

Brake Caliper

I purchased a pair of original pads for front brake of XLR250, and I installed them into a front-right caliper that I think originally for Honda GB250. The external shape of the pad is the same as for GB except longitudinal length of the back plate, thus I cut the surplus portion approximately by 2mm for installation.
I made and welded an extension piece for the mounting plate of the caliper as it was too short for installation to my buggy.

Installation to the frame of my buggy in process.
I did the welding carefully and strongly enough to maintain the alignment with the brake rotor.


Master Cylinder for Brake

The brake pedal pushes lever of the master cylinder through a connecting rod.

I got all the pedals drilled that I thought better for appearance. A footrest was also built under the same concept.

Extension of Brake Hose

A hose in the right side is for front brake of XI. The length is not enough to connect a master cylinder that I installed at the front end of the buggy and a brake caliper located at the rear.
Then I got another one that I expected for extension purpose. This is a hose I picked up at a junk yard before.

I got a M10 bolt machined into smaller diameter at the portion underneath the head, and prepared some copper washers, and a nut. By using those components I thought I could get the two hoses connected together to achieve the desired length.

However, I noticed lately one thing that I should be aware in advance. Such structure of connection does not keep the brake fluid sealed, and eventually the fluid went out through the gap between threads.

Finally I made a joint from a piece of aluminum.

... To be continued.

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